A blog that oozes cool

  The evidence is unmistakable – spring is coming. With this in mind, I found a really cool blog. Visit Dear Miss Mermaid at http://dearmissmermaid.com/indexSTORMCARIB.html. She has a really cool site that monitors the weather in the BVIs. If you want a momentary release from the day, go to her site and browse around. I guarantee you’ll like it. I want my next job to be living on Loggerhead Key in the Dry Tortugas and blog weather information. Sweet!

I had the first book signing this week! It was kind of an impromptu signing. It was at an adult spelling bee. I sold the number of books I expected to sell, but a funny thing happened. Before I went to the signing, The Conch Killers was ranked at 1,700,000 or so. When I got home that evening, it was ranked 72,000 or so. Folks didn’t want to buy the book at the signing, but they went home and bought it off of Amazon. Cool!



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