Welcome to the blog of the Conch Killers!

Thank you for taking time to visit my blog. The purpose of this blog is to document this odyssey of publishing my first novel, The Conch Killers. If the publisher is to be believed, and I think they are, the book should hit the shelves in April. With respect to the Dead, what a long, strange trip it’s been.

It’s Christmas Eve morning and I’m looking out the window of the Fly Navy building in Key West. Garrison Bight is right outside the window. Palm trees are swaying in the wind and there’s a ripple on the water. The sun is rising over the far end of the Bight. It’s a beautiful Key West morning. If you’ve never been here, put it in your planner before you check out.

I also intend to document the cool people, places and things that make the Keys such a great place. This includes Key Largo to Key West and over to Bimini.

The book comes out in April. We’ve got book signings already scheduled. Life is good.



One Response to “Welcome to the blog of the Conch Killers!”

  1. Bert Ward Says:

    Wow! What a great story you have written! I can’t wait to own a copy of the book when it’s available.
    Chip, you are the real deal. Congratulations on your achievement!

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